A film and video production company specialising in eye-catching animation and puppetry. We're based in Brighton in the UK.



Welcome to the Fantastical World of Oddbod Creations!


We are a Brighton based production company that brings the charmingly peculiar to life. We fuse CG, traditional animation techniques, puppetry and live action for extraordinary and magical results.

Makers of extraordinary mixed media animation and film.

THE CHICKEN SQUIRREL was created using live action puppetry. The puppet controls were then removed in post production and the CG eyes and mouth were added.


Techniques used:

Puppet Fabrication, Puppetry, Rig removal, Motion Tracking, CG Animation.



CREATURE BOX uses 3D scanned handmade models, and stop motion animation. Once digitally recorded, the compositions were assembled in Maya and After Effects.


Techniques used:

Model making, Puppet making, Stop Motion Animation, Photogrammetry, CG Animation.



Our services include




  • Film production
  • video for digital social distribution platforms
  • Stop motion animation
  • Puppet building and puppetry
  • Compositing, VFX and post production
  • Character design
  • Props and model making

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